6 Steps To Awesome Email Marketing

6 Steps to Awesome Email Marketing

According to Statista, by 2023, over 347 billion emails will be sent daily, while the average person already receives around 121 emails per day.

It’s not that much tough to get someone’s email address. Maximum people have multiples, and they’re nonchalant about giving them out. One for work, one for school and a few for personal use — used to be that you had one just for spam, but email service providers regularly update their spam filters, so spam-only accounts aren’t so necessary anymore.

Every email marketers compete to attract, engage, nurture and ultimately convert leads from their email structure, wording & design. It’s not easy, an email marketing campaign in which 25% of recipients opened the email would be boasting a very impressive open rate (in general, but also depending on the industry).


  1. Define your Goal & Strategy: Email marketing should have defined objectives such as – generating more leads, creating sales opportunities, increasing loyalty among your customers or demonstrating thought leadership. If you’re like me, when you get an idea in your head, you’re eager to rush out and put it into action. Slow down there! If you want your campaign to be successful, you’ve got to step back and think about what you’re trying to accomplish.
  2. Know your Audience: Send targeted emails based on particular segments such as industry, title, geography to increase conversation. You can’t get a satisfactory result if your target audience is not fixed and you are sending emails to random people. Even your email ID can get restricted and all of your emails will be visited the spam folder in case a huge number of people mark your email as spam. A high spam complaint rate is significant that your recipients don’t see value in your emails.
  3. Select an email marketing platform: There are so many options you have for email marketing where you need to select one of them as per your standard. Here I am giving you a few options – MailChimp, Mailify, Getresponse, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign. There are several other solutions you have which I have not mentioned in this list. You need to choose the platform which is budget-friendly and flexible.
  4. Provide Value: Provide a reason for your recipient to want to engage interact with your email. Make your email attractive, look different so that your target audience will show impression which is your main goal. It is not just you’re sending email and they’re receiving; you need to get a positive response. While the majority of emails are now opened If you fail to provide the value they will fail to provide a response.
  5. Consider online experience: Provide at least one path for the recipient to be able to click and find out more about your product, services or brand, or else the dialog is over. For example – If you have any discount on your website, you can mention that on the email template and provide a button that will redirect to the discount page.
  6. Enable autoresponders: An autoresponder is a program that automates the sending of emails. You have created your first email campaign. Nice! You already know there are many things to an email campaign than the first email. So, It’s time to automate your first baby. Email campaigns that incorporate autoresponders will go through a lot of content. You need to create an autoresponder for Welcome, Thanks, Activation, Shopping Cart Abandonment, Event countdown, etc.


Great! You have created your first email marketing campaign. Now it’s time to send that to your recipients.

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