Whitsett Maxie Creative Group is a digital agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. We partner with small to medium size businesses to create engaging content and meaningful experiences across all social media platforms. Our small agency provides unique value that traditional large agencies cannot compete with: attention from our entire time, the ability to move quickly, and consistent availability.

Who We Are

Whitsett Maxie Creative is a boutique digital creative agency in Atlanta, GA. We create engaging content and develop social media platforms to tell your brand’s story and engage with your customers. Our focus areas include digital marketing with a focus on social media, content creation, branding and website development. We are truly committed to creating a strong lasting, partnership with our clients. This enables us to understand your business, customer and goals. Our creative marketing approach provides each of our clients with a uniquely curated marketing strategy that most efficiently serves their individual needs.

Now that you know about Whitsett Maxie, perhaps you should meet our founders


Edeszann Maxie

Born in Mobile, Alabama Edeszann Maxie moved to Atlanta, Ga after graduating with a degree in psychology from the University of South Alabama.

With a background in psychology, Edeszann developed a strong understanding of people’s mental life and behavior and how it is shaped by interactions of other people. With the main goal to understand how to improve these interactions, Edeszann set out a plan to implement these ideas to help others understand the significance also.

Passionate about helping people, Edeszann strives to find a common ground to balance the two. She started a career in Marketing with diverse lineup of clients where she learned how to utilize her skills by understanding her clients and being able to provide their exact needs. Being able to manage digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals is where Edeszann found her passion.

On her free time Edeszann enjoys reading and traveling the world to learn about different cultures and backgrounds.